Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

(Photo: Winnie Küchl)

Born 1986 in Bogotá, Colombia, he attended the German school in the same city, where his interest in music was aroused early. After interrupting piano studies at the Juan N. Corpas University in Bogotá (teachers: Ludmilla Weber – piano, Jorge Zorro – music theory) he traveled to Vienna in 2007, where he studied composition and music theory at the University of Music and Performing Arts with Herbert Lauermann and electroacoustic with Karlheinz Essl.

Since then he has been working as a freelance composer in Vienna. His music includes various chamber music formats, solo, multimedial, symphonic and vocal works as well as film music. Two pieces are published by the Universal Edition. He received several prizes and composition commissions such as: Theodor Körner Prize (2012), composition prize of the Young Talent Competition of the German Society for Musical Theory (2012), „Towards the next 100 years“ from the Konzerthaus, Vienna (2012), Ö1 Composition Prize (2013) INÖK / Allegro Vivo (2016) and Jenö Takács Composition Prize (2016).


I believe music is a precious gift that allows us to have a deeper knowledge of life and communicate with each other as well as with higher spheres. When I write music, I  organize my vital impulses such as the joy of being alive and the gratitude that comes with it, channeling them to allow them expressing as musical enunciations. The relationships between the tones that build melodies and harmonies, like those of the durations producing rhythm, are the material of music. With the greatest possible awareness, care and being guided by intuition, these materials are carved out to give birth to the musical work that is an unfolding of tonal forces between tensions and resolutions that allow us to get an idea of the divine as well as to give us moral strength and joy. AdVL