Thank you, Lord, for the Melody, Rhythm and Harmony.

For my voice.

Thank you for the flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, viola… thank you for the Saxophone and the horns and of course for the trombones. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you for the music one million times!


As quoted by F. Hussler

Sing often- but a little at a time

Giuseppe Aprile

It is our duty as musicians to stay in a continuous state of musical enthusiasm and develop tactics to escape frustration and bad posture . We should always be able to sing


This is the best Milhaud that will survive the time: the light but well constructed, the simple but ingenious. And I am afraid always not-‚polytonal’… at least not in the experimental levels that some works have. Because no one can really stand a ‚rigorous‘ so called polytonal piece for too long.

Powerful Music has always a will that is equal to its substance. This will is what makes music unravel and move forward. But the will is also defined by the resistance it encounters, by its inherent resistors but also by resistance from outside of it. We get an idea of the power of this will by feeling along with it its resistance.